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  • Overview
    The Affordable Care Act is also known as ObamaCare. January 1, 2014 is a landmark day. The national and California Health Insurance Markets will change dramatically. Read More...

  • ACA: How to Get Ready
    Key Dates and Information to Be Prepared for the Covered California Health Insurance Exchange! Read More...

  • Penalties for Uninsured
    Mandated by the Affordable Care Act, nearly every American will be required to purchase or be covered by some form of a qualified medical insurance plan in 2014-there are a few exceptions. Read More...

  • Pros & Cons of ACA
    The goal of Health Care Reform was to enable all Americans the ability to (1) attain medical coverage and (2) at an affordable price (premium). “Obama Care” will be most beneficial to low and middle income individuals and families and people who have pre-existing health conditions. Read More...

  • 2014 - My Options
    These are the questions everyone has regarding the Affordable Care Act and Covered California. Read More...

  • The Future of ACA
    The most significant piece of the bill (ObamaCare) goes in to affect January 1st 2014. At that time, ALL Americans are required to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty and/or fine. Read More...

  • Q&A: What is Obamacare?
    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed in March 2010. Its intended purpose was to provide access to health insurance for the entire country by providing subsidies to low-middle class individual and families and removing health underwriting. Read More...

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How will the ACA, "Affordable Care Act" Affect California?

How to be Ready for the California Insurance Exchange!

The Affordable Care Act is also known as ObamaCare. January 1, 2014 is a landmark day. The national and California Health Insurance Markets will change dramatically. Why? The ACA mandates that ALL Americans and legal residents must be enrolled in medical insurance or pay a penalty (some exemptions apply). Our web site is designed to be your advocate, provide valuable and simple to understand guidelines and answer the basic questions most California residents have regarding the ACA. Information such as how the mandate will affect you, penalties, government subsidies, and choosing the best health insurance options for you and your family.

Important Dates: October 1, 2013

Effective October 1, 2013 the California Health Insurance "Exchange" will be open for Individual, Family and Group Health Insurance. It is called "COVERED CALIFORNIA". In this new market, you can shop for health plans, compare carriers and premiums and see if you are eligible for a Federal Subsidy. California estimates that 3-5 million consumers will shop and be insured through this new program. Our recommendation is not to wait until the end of 2013 to shop. Quotes are available through our web site starting October 1 2013.

What is the "CA Insurance Exchange Market"?

The "CA Insurance Exchange" is a new market where insurance carriers will compete for your business. The health insurance plans provided by the insurance carriers are required to meet government mandated benefit levels. You are not required to purchase your health insurance in the Exchange in 2014. You may keep your company group health plan or in certain situations you may be able to keep your individual health plan depending on when it was purchased. However, in order to qualify for a subsidy you must purchase your policy through the CA Insurance Exchange. You can do so directly through our site. For more information click on "My Plan Options" in 2014.

Have any of the ACA Mandates already taken affect?

The Affordable Care Act was passed in to law in March of 2010. Its intent was to be fully implemented as of January 2014. However, there were some of the provisions that went in to affect prior to 2014. Some of them include:

  • Children under age 19 are guaranteed to be approved for health insurance, regardless of their medical status and without medical underwriting.
  • Children up to age 26 may stay under their parents’ health policy.
  • Preventive care services have been standardized. These benefits are covered in full, without a co-pay or deductible according to the national guideline.

Health Care Reform: California and the Nation

California was the first state to agree and sign up to run an Insurance Exchange. ‘Covered California’ is scheduled to open on October 1, 2013. Nationwide, a total of 19 states decided to create their own Insurance Exchange, 25 states defaulted to the Federal Exchange, and 7 are planning for a Partnership Exchange. For additional information on how Healthcare Reform will affect different people, click The Pros and Cons of Health Care Reform.

We will continue to update this website as new information is made available.

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